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Communications Strategy & Philosophy

Departmental Purpose/Goals–work to communicate information in alignment with the City’s CORE Values

City CORE Values Click below for more information on each aspect of our CORE values

  • We Value and Promote Participation and Interactions With Citizens and Staff
  • We Will Seek to Assure Timely and Open Communications, while providing background and context for the decisions that are made.

Department Role

  • Proactive—we will work to anticipate the public’s need for information and help the public stay informed on relevant city issues
  • Open—we will strive to be forthcoming and  not unnecessarily bureaucratic; we will work to be straightforward with the information provided
  • Accurate—we will provide correct information; and attempt to dispel inaccurate information
Respect for Resources
  • We Recognize the Value of Using All City Resources in an Efficient and Effective Manner
  • We Will Seek to Utilize City Resources to Serve the Common Good of All

Department Role

  • Broad—we are open to using a variety of media available to appropriately communicate to the intended audience
  • Accountable—we will take responsibility for providing information, for the policies and procedures that are in place, and for providing context and explanation for what we do and why we do it
  • We recognize the importance of providing timely, courteous and respectful service to the public and to one another.
  • We will seek to serve the public and other employees in a constructive, creative and practical manner.

Department Role

  • Effective—we will communicate the message appropriately (media), clearly, and in a timely manner
  • Reliable—we will provide a message that is accurate and clear, we want to tell our own story, we are the source of accurate city information and want to be the place that the public goes to for that information
  • Clear—we will use “plain English” and avoid technical jargon; put messages in appropriate context
  • Coordinative/Collaborative communications—we will work cross-departmentally to encourage involvement and education
  • We are Committed to Protect and Promote the Unique Characteristics of Our Community, Including Its History and Scenic Beauty
  • We Will Seek to Infuse Enthusiasm and Enjoyment in our Daily Interactions with Citizens, Visitors and Other Employees

Department Role

  • Promote—negative stories will find their own ink; our job is to highlight the day-to-day positive stories that may go unnoticed
  • Support—through our use of media, we will work to support the initiatives of other entities that contribute to the quality of life in the City of Hastings

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