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City Ordinances

Recent Updates:  Amendments to the City Code are incorporated into the master code book within 7 days after approval by City Council.  If you have any questions about a recent code change, call City Hall at 651-480-2350.

Ordinance Number Subject Date Adopted
2012 Ordinance Updates    
2012-14 On-Site Sewer Requirements  
2012-13 Zoning - Block 16  
2012-12 Utilities  
2012-11 Pawn Brokers  
2012-10 Relating to Fees: Civic Arena  
2012-9 Licenses: Billiards and Pool  
2012-8 Fee Changes  
2012-7 Special or Non-Routine Services  
2012-6 Peddler and Solicitors  
2012-5 Amending Certain License Requirements  
2012-4 Alcohol in the Parks  
2012-3 City Charter Section 1.03: Ward Boundaries  
2012-2 City Code Chapter 32 –Fees, Section 32-04(D) –  Prohibiting City Employees from Purchasing Abandoned Motor Vehicles, Unclaimed property and Excess Property  
2012-1 City Code Chapter 36 –Fees, Section 36.06 – Park and Recreation Commission  
2011 Ordinance Updates    
2010 Ordinance Updates  
2009 Ordinance Updates  
2008 Ordinance Updates  
2007 Ordinance Updates  
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