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Utility Bill Example

Utility Bill Example(s)

Below are some examples on how to calculate your utility bill.  There are many variables with regards to a utility bill.  This example is based upon a single family resident.  The calculations displayed here are not printed exactly on the utility bill statement as illustrated in this example. 

Each utility bill has a bill based on two factors, a base amount and a consumption amount.  Click on fee rate for the current rates for each of these fees.  Each quarter’s consumption is used to calculate the water fee.  In the winter quarter months, click schedule to determine which months are used to set your sewer consumption amount.  This is a set amount and is used for the rest of the year’s billing.

For example below is a single family home- utility bill in the winter quarter.  The usage is 18 units or 18,000 gallons of water.  The sewer is set at 18.  The storm water is based upon a single family unit.  Check the storm water fee schedule for the rate that applies to your dwelling type.  The resulting bill is $110.64. To calc each utility’s fee take the Consumption X Rate + Base=$$$ or in the case of Water in this example: 18X1.75+$6.00=$37.50

Winter   Winter        
  Base Sewer Set Consumption Rate Calc
Water $6.00   18 1.75 31.50
Surcharge       0.50  
Sewer $1.50 18 18 3.25 58.50
Storm $11.55        
MN Testing $1.59        
Total Utility Bill          

This same resident has a summer usage of 49 units.  With this increase of water usage a surcharge is added to the bill.  The surcharge is based off the winter set consumption amount.  Any water used over the 18 units from the previous example is charged and additional .50 per unit.  The current bill does not break this out as shown here.  The charges will be combined all on one line.   For those accounts that consume a low amount of water the surcharge will not be charged until 15 units of water is consumed. Another point to note is the sewer is based upon the 18 units rather than the 49 units consumed during this quarter.  That is the result of setting the winter usage for the sewer.

  Base Sewer Set Consumption Rate Calc Total
Water 6.00   49 1.75 88.75 91.75
Surcharge     31 .50 15.50 15.50
Sewer 1.50 18 18 3.25 58.50 60.00
Storm 11.55         11.55
MN Testing 1.59         1.59
Total Utility Bill           $180.39

If the water consumption is less than the winter sewer set the sewer is then calculated on the lower water usage amount. See below:

  Base Sewer Set Consumption Rate Calc Total
Water 6.00   14.00 1.75 24.50 30.50
Sewer 1.50 18.00 14.00 3.25 45.50 47.00
Surcharge       .50   ---
Storm 11.55         11.55
MN Testing 1.59         1.59
Total Utility Bill           $90.64

The rates used in these examples are subject to change.  Please consult the current fee schedule.  The winter sewer set is printed only on the winter set quarter statement at this time.  Please call and request your current winter sewer set or check your bill that corresponds the winter set cycle.  This winter set is reset annually.






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