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  • Listen to portable battery-powered AM/FM radio for emergency updates
  • Secure items that may be carried away be flood waters
  • Place all valuables in waterproof containers and move them to higher floors
  • Fill bathtubs and water bottles with fresh water before a flood in case of water contamination.  Do not drink water stored in a bathtub, use it for cleaning
  • Install a sewer backflow valve
  • Fill vehicle with fuel
Before Evacuating:
  • Turn off all utilities and unplug appliances
  • Lock all windows and doors
  • Bring your disaster supplies kit including extra blankets and sleeping bags
  • Listen to portable battery-powered AM/FM radio for emergency updates
  • Keep family and pets away from storm drains, sewers and floodwaters
  • NEVER drive you car through flooded areas
  • If you vehicle becomes surrounded by rising water, abandon it and find higher ground
  • Avoid contaminated floodwater since it can cause infections
  • If necessary, seek medical attention
  • Stay out of buildings where floodwaters remain
  • Do not enter any building before local officials have said it is safe
  • Use extreme caution when re-entering your home – animals may have been forced to find refuge there
  • Gradually pump out flooded basements to avoid structural damage
  • Watch for loose plaster
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