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Warning Signs:
  • Dark greenish-colored sky
  • Large hail
  • Strong winds
  • Flying debris
  • Wall cloud
  • Funnel cloud
  • Roaring noise, like a freight train
Mobile Homes: Never stay in a mobile home during a tornado; report to your storm shelter
Framed Homes:
  • Stay away from windows
  • Go to the basement or lowest level of the house
  • Choose a center room, an inner hallway or closet
  • Cover your head and face with a blanket
  • Go to a protected space with no windows
  • Avoid large-span roofing like those found in gyms, arenas or malls
  • Don’t try to outrun a tornado in a car
  • Stop driving, get out and take shelter
  • Crouch beside a strong structure or lie down in a ditch or ground depression
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