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Gas Grills

The Hastings Fire Department would like to remind residents of common, but often forgotten grilling safety tips so that this season of grilling will be enjoyable for everyone:

  • Check fuel hoses for cracking, brittleness, holes and leaks. Make sure there are no sharp bends in the hose or tubing.
  • Always keep propane containers upright.
  • Never store a propane container in your home.
  • Charcoal should never be used indoors, even if ventilation is provided
  • Do not store charcoal outdoors in the sunlight.
  • If you do have a grease fire while grilling, close the cover of the grill if it can be done safely.

Though propane is very flammable and volatile, when used and stored correctly, propane and propane accessories provide an efficient fuel for cooking or heating.

Also, please keep the following multi-family barbecue ordinances in mind this summer:

  • In any units with three or more apartments, it is illegal to have a fire or open flame on balconies or on ground floor patios if it is within 15 feet of the building.
  • You can not store, or use, grills/lighter fluids, torches or other similar heating devices on balconies, or patios within 15 feet of the building.
  • Electric or gas-fired grills which are permanently mounted, wired or plumbed to the building’s gas supply or electrical system and maintaining a minimum clearance of 18 inches on all sides may be installed on balconies and patios when approved by the Fire Chief.

New Safety Standards for Propane Tanks:
The new safety standard for propane gas cylinders (tanks) requires that an “over-fill prevention device” be installed in new gas tanks. These new propane tanks have valve handles with three “lobes” (prongs) while older tanks have valve handles with five prongs.  People with older propane tanks should trade them in for the new, safer tanks at any propane dealer.

Happy Grilling!

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