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Code and Safety - House Addresses

Picture this scenario:  It is 3 a.m., sleeting outside and someone in your house is experiencing a heart attack.  You place a 911 call.  Can the emergency responders find your house?  Minutes are precious when an emergency occurs.

To properly mark your structure, you should have your assigned house numbers clearly marked on the outside of your structure.  These numbers shall be at least 4 inches high and ½ inch wide.  They should be of a highly contrasting color and easily seen from the roadway.

Mailboxes and decorative ornaments should not obstruct the view of the house numbers.  Other common problems are overgrown trees and shrubs.  Do not place the numbers on the overhead garage door, as they can’t be seen when the door is left open.

If your home or business is set back from the street or road, post your address numbers at the entrance of your driveway.  In situations where more than one home is accessed off a single driveway, all addresses should be posted at the entrance of your roadway and on each driveway.

Be sure your numbers can be seen at night.

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