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Fireworks safety

In 2002 the state of Minnesota legalized fireworks, since then the number of injuries associated with fireworks has increased significantly.

In 1999, emergency rooms treated just four children under the age of 9 and eleven children between the ages of 10 and 19 for injuries sustained as a result of fireworks. In 2004 those numbers jumped to eleven and 34 respectively! Please remember to always be vigilant about safety when lighting fireworks, particularly with kids. Supervision is a must!

The following safety guidelines are offered to reduce fireworks injuries, fires and nuisance complaints:

  • Read, understand and follow the instructions on each device prior to using.
  • Use fireworks with close adult supervision.
  • Choose a safe place to use fireworks that is far from anything that could be damaged from the operation of the device.  Fireworks should only be ignited outdoors and away from animals, buildings, storage tanks, brush or combustible materials.
  • Keep fireworks away from small children and store them in a cool dry location away from sources of ignition.
  • Never ignite fireworks inside another container, such as inside a bottle or can.
  • Never throw fireworks or aim them at another person, animal or building.
  • Never experiment with fireworks, make your own fireworks, or alter fireworks in any manner (a strong federal prohibition exists for such activity).
  • Discharging of fireworks on public property is not allowed without written consent of the Fire Marshal
  • It is unlawful to use or discharge fireworks of any kind between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

Fire Works Safety Guidelines

Remember, only some types of fireworks are legal in Minnesota. As a simple rule of thumb, if they go airborne or explode they are illegal!

Fireworks Application

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