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Incident Management Team

The Dakota County Incident Management Team was formed in 2005 as a multi-agency group to support large scale fire, EMS, police, and hazardous materials operations.  The DCIMT is comprised of representatives from police, fire, EMS and public health agencies that have received coordinated training together in the National Incident Management System.  The team is supported through the Dakota County Domestic Preparedness Committee.

What is the Dakota County Incident Management Team? The team is available to respond to all types of major incidents. The team members are continuously training to provide an all hazard management system available to all local jurisdictions to assist them in managing large events.

What can the team do for my jurisdiction?  The team is a management tool made up of highly trained and experienced management professionals who come from a variety of skilled backgrounds. The team is a modular organization that can expand or contract its organizational structure and staffing based on the request of the local jurisdiction.

Who does the team work for?  The team is under the direction and control of the local jurisdiction that requests the team.  The team works for local authorities and assists by providing a management structure to help coordinate resources to mitigate an event. The team utilizes the Unified Command system as needed.

Who pays for the team? The cost to deploy, staff, and operate a team is paid through joint powers relationships.  Costs for extended operations will be handled in accordance with mutual aid agreements.  Team costs may be reimbursable if a federal disaster declaration is requested and approved.

How long does it take to get the Team?  Upon initial deployment the team will begin to assemble within an hour and the complete team expected to arrive within a few hours.

What happens when the team arrives on the scene? When a team first arrives they will check in with the local authority in charge and discuss what is needed and what the team has to offer. A Request for Assistance form will be completed by the local authority with assistance from the team.  This form will establish what the local authorities want the team to do, who the team reports to, and what authority is given to the team. This form will be reviewed daily with local authorities and can be modified at any time by the local requesting jurisdiction.  Note: The Incident Management Team is there to support the local authorities while using a collaborative approach, not take command or control from local officials and dominate the situation.


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