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Safety Tips

Hastings Police Department Officer’s are urging all driver’s to be extra alert this time of year. 

School is back in session and it’s an exciting time for children, especially youngsters
attending school for the first time.

Unfortunately it also means that young, inexperienced pedestrians and bicyclists are in the traffic mix, where they are more likely to be struck by vehicles. Motorists can help reduce the risk by:

• Slowing down in school and residential areas
• Watching for clues that give warning of children in the area, (i.e. signs, safety   patrols, bikes, adult crossing guards, school buses.)
• Obey all school bus stop laws
• Clear ALL fogged or frosty windows on your vehicle before driving (not just the   driver side of the front windshield)
• Obey all traffic signs
• Avoid school zones during arrival and dismissal hours when possible

Each year thousands of children are struck by automobiles. The Hastings Police Department suggests to parents that:

• Teach their children safe street crossing practices before the start of school
• Knowing the walking route to school or the bus route and bus stop area is also mportant and recommended
• Instruct children how to judge if there is adequate time to cross a street and to never cross between two parked cars.
• Teach children that when there is no sidewalk and it is necessary to walk on the roadway, walk on the far left side of the street facing traffic and use cross walks and designated school crossings whenever possible.               

Some youngsters, especially those venturing away from home for the first time may never have learned pedestrian/traffic safety and older students may have forgotten over the summer. Driver’s need to be cautious, especially around schools, bus stops and areas where children are walking to school. 

Remember children are greatly influenced by their peers and imitate the actions of older brothers and sisters as well as parents when they do not set good pedestrian safety examples.

Let’s all work together to teach our children pedestrian traffic safety, so we can all enjoy a safe and uneventful start of the new school year.

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