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Easement Policy

Most lots developed in the City over the past 15 to 20 years include front, side and backyard easements, which are used for the underground installation of utilities such as gas, electric, telephone, cable, sewer and water.  These easements also provide for drainage of storm water runoff between lots.  In some cases, larger easements have been platted to accommodate large storm sewer, watermain or sanitary sewer pipes, and ponding basin storm runoff storage.

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In general, the City restricts the construction of fences and storage sheds within the larger easements containing utility pipes or storm water ponding areas.  Placing fill, constructing retaining walls and planting trees are also restricted in these larger easement areas.  Should the utilities in an easement need to be excavated for repair or accessed for maintenance, the City will not replace or repair damage to any encroachments in these areas.

Fencing and minor landscaping may be permitted in the smaller easement areas that do not contain underground utilities or storm water ponding areas, provided storm runoff is not impeded or blocked.  Please note that fence permits are required for all fences in the City of Hastings.

Most home lawn irrigation systems have sprinkler heads installed near the edge of the road that are either in the road right of way or within an easement area.  A plumbing permit and inspection is required for home lawn irrigation systems.  This helps the City ensure that appropriate backflow prevention procedures are in place per the state plumbing code.  Homeowners are responsible for moving and replacing sprinkler heads and lines that are in the way of street or utility construction.  In addition, the City will not repair or replace sprinkler heads or lines that are damaged due to street maintenance or street construction activities.
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