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Street Signs

Installations of all traffic control and parking restriction signs (example – STOP signs or No Parking signs) must be approved by the Hastings City Council. All requests for street signs should be made to the Public Works Department at 480-6185, which will evaluate the request based on existing traffic conditions and applicable federal, state and local regulations and guidelines.

aStop Signs – State and federal regulations govern the installation of all traffic control devices, including stop signs.   An engineering study will be conducted prior to installation of stop signs to verify that the requirements listed in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices have been met.   Stop signs will not be installed to control speeding. Studies have shown that unwarranted stop signs or too many stop signs can create undesirable and unsafe traffic conditions, such as:

  • Increase in Speed – Studies have shown that speeds can actually increase between unwarranted stop signs. Some drivers become irritated by perceived unnecessary stops and make up for lost time by over-accelerating away from stop signs and speeding between signs.
  • Lack of Compliance – Several transportation studies have documented drivers failing to comply with unwarranted stop signs. One study conducted at nine intersections in the City of Boulder, Colorado, showed that less than 25% of all drivers will came to a complete stop, 70% rolled through the stop sign, and 5% failed to stop.
  • Safety – stop signs can give pedestrians and motorists a false sense of security. Drivers failing to comply with unwarranted stop signs can create unsafe conditions.
  • Noise and Air Pollution – Residents living near a stopped intersection may experience increased traffic noise from stopping and accelerating vehicles, and reduced air quality immediately adjacent to the intersection.

a Children at Play Signs – The Public Works Department does not install Children at Play signs. Warning signs such as these are intended to warn drivers of unusual or unexpected conditions. In residential areas, children playing are usual and expected. Studies have shown that these signs have no impact on the behavior of drivers. There is also a concern that a child may interpret this sign as saying it is safe to play in the road. Although roads in neighborhoods are common ground shared by both people and cars, children must exercise caution when playing near them.

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