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Storm water ponds are for water storage after a rainfall, the water is retained in the pond and slowly released to prevent flooding.  Storm water ponds are located athroughout the City of Hastings.  They are not safe for recreational uses.  Avoid wading or swimming in any storm water detention pond, plantings around the edges are meant to discourage this.  The ponds have gentle side slopes that encourage runoff to enter the pond while at the same time discourage anyone from accidentally entering.  The benefits to keeping natural, unmowed landscaping with plants in and around a pond include:

  1. Stabilizes the pond by preventing erosion
  2. Provides an environment for microorganisms that remove nutrients/pollution from the water
  3. Improves the pond’s appearance by hiding debris and water level changes
  4. Provides a habitat for insects, such as dragonflies, that eat mosquitoes
  5. Discourages geese from visiting and contributing to pollution
  6. Makes ponds less attractive for wading or swimming

Due to the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit, ponding basins are subject to periodic inspection to document and assure its functionality.  For information on the NPDES permit please visit Storm Water Permit.

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