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Hydrants Maintenance
The City of Hastings currently has approximately 1,700 fire hydrants. The Utility Department is in charge of the repairs and maintenance on all hydrants.

Hydrant Flushing
Once every couple of years all of the City’s hydrants are flushed. Crews are usually out in the summer & fall months performing the flushing. 

When employees open and flush the hydrants, the sudden rush of water loosens and removes accumulated mineral deposits from the lines.  This process often causes discoloration of your water.  While the water is safe to drink, it could stain fabrics if you are washing clothes at the time the hydrant in your area is flushed.  If stains from the water appear on laundered clothes, do not put clothes in the dryer, as this will set the stains.  Washing the clothes again usually will remove any stains. 

The Public Works Department also suggests you flush out the taps in your home after hydrants are flushed, as iron deposits tend to build up in residential lines, to do this open the outside faucets and run all the cold water taps in your home at full force.  The water will start out clear, and then become discolored.  Leave the taps open until the water becomes clear again, usually in 10 to 30 minutes.  If you have any questions about the flushing process, please call Public Works (651) 480-6185.

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